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Onze Transat-E in het nieuws!  Rate it

Onze Transat-E in het nieuws!

Diverse media hebben een artikel gewijd aan ons samenwerkings- verband, Traction Électrique. De Transat-E kwam hierbij prominent in beeld, leuk!

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Recensie Transat-E door Johannes  Rate it

Tijdens het wachten op een reparatie aan zijn Mehari is Johannes van de Water (Turn Business Improvement) op pad geweest met de door ZEVparts omgebouwde 2CV Transat-E. Hij heeft hierover een korte recensie geschreven: "NU WIL IK ER OOK EEN!"

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The advantages of driving electric

ZEVparts is proud to present you all the products you'll need to transform your car into a Zero Emission Vehicle. Just recently we've added a revolutionary Battery Management System from 123electric to our product range.

We've started ZEVparts as from our own experience, we can tell you: driving electric simply is fun!
It is smooth without making noise and you almost float through modern traffic. Make your own contribution to your health and living conditions, and those people surrounding you: driving a Zero Emission Vehicle contributes to a smog free city where no sound barriers are necessary!

Compared to a petrol engine, an electric engine has a lot of advantages.
We think the most important ones are:
- environmentally friendly (climate, nature and health);
- more efficient technique (the efficiency of a petrol engine is at best 25% compared to about 90% for an electric engine); and
- no dependence on instable oil prices and markets.

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