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11. Power Steering Pump and other components[nl]Stuurbekrachtigings- pomp en andere componenten

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Power steering pump and other components


If your vehicle originally featured power steering, you will probably wish to retain this feature. Most petrol-powered vehicles use a hydraulic circuit for power assisted steering, with a hydraulic pump driven off the fan belt. In an electric car you’ll need an electric power steering pump.


Recommended other components

We advise to use an
 Emergency Stop Button that interrupts the power to your contactor. When something goes wrong, like a car collision, or a short circuit or if a malfunction occurs, you can use this Emergency Stop Button to cut off the main power circuit.


It’s also advisable to install an Inertia Switch in series with the Emergency Stop Button. This switch will trip in the event of a vehicle collision, interrupting the power to your contactor(s) to shut down the main power circuit. 


Cabling and Lugs: For most EVs (up to 30 kW) we recommend 50mm² cable for most of the traction circuit with 70mm² cable between the controller and motor. We strongly advise to double insulate all high voltage wiring in EVs

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