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5. Heater

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To clear the condensation from your windows and to keep you warm in the winter you need a heater. We can generate heat with fuel or by using electricity.  Because we want to build zero emission vehicles we will concentrate on electric heating.

When you convert a car it is assumed that you have a heating system available in your car based on hot water. The simplest way to build a heating system would be to simply heat up water and pump it through your old heating system. All vehicle's heat controls are retained and work the same way and the apparent operation is the same. No under dash modification or taking the dash panel out is needed. The heater simply connects to the hoses of the old heating system. The on-off control switch is installed on the dash. The switch can be a regular toggle automotive type operated by hand, or linked to existing heat dial or lever.

RM4 Manufactured  by MES-DEA in Switzerland, is a good choice.

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