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Conversion Process (1)

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Step 1: Making your own wishlist

Converting your car to electric is a big decision, and because of the investment needed, you want to make the right choices. Keep in mind the purchase of the batteries can be considered the same as buying 2000 – 3000 cyclus of fuel.

Things to think about are:

- For which purpose do I want to use my electric vehicle?
Try NOT to think ‘bigger is better’. Electric driving flourishes best with the philosophy ‘Less is more’. Be practical and logical about your needs. Builiding an electric car which is able to drive (much) further or faster than you need to go, will be a waste of money.  When you, for example, live about 20 kms from your work, you will need at least the capacity to drive 40 kms a day. (Note: 40 km needs to be 70% of te capacity of the batteries to lengthen the lifecycle of the batteries)

- Which car do I want to convert?
Any vehicle can be converted to electric. Generally small and light vehicles will give you the best performance for your money, but you should always choose a vehicle that you like to own and enjoy driving.

Important things to consider when you make your choice are: 
- weight, 
- enough capacity for the batteries (in cm2 and kgs), and 
- air- and rolling resistance

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